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Telefilm’s new Slate Development Pilot Program fast-tracks English-language productions for second recipient, Anagram Pictures


Telefilm Canada has announced that Anagram Pictures is the second successful recipient of its new Slate Development Pilot Program. The production company behind Andrew Currie’s critically acclaimed dark-comedy-zombie flick, Fido starring Carrie-Anne Moss, will collaborate with distributor, Maple Pictures, to lead a minimum of three English-language productions through all phases of development.

The Slate Development Pilot Program provides successful applicants with a corporate line of credit over the course of the three-year program. To help ensure the development of diverse, market-driven features that resonate with audiences in the Canadian English-language market, applicants are required to work with an established distribution company throughout the development process.

“What’s innovative about this pilot program is that we’re financing the production company and not the project,” said Wayne Clarkson, Executive Director of Telefilm. “This approach provides greater certainty of financial support and autonomy for production companies. What’s also new is that an experienced distributor is involved at the development stage to help ensure high box-office returns in a range of genres. Anagram is poised to release a series of successful features.”

Blake Corbet, president/producer, Anagram Pictures, added: “Telefilm is showing again that they have faith in us. The Canadian film business is at an amazing juncture. We’re proving that art and commerce can work together.”

Building audiences and strengthening the industry
This one-time pilot program allows Telefilm to see a slate of productions through all phases of development with one streamlined application process. As an additional stream of financing for mid-level Canadian production companies that have not yet benefited from a Canada Feature Film Fund Performance Envelope, the Slate Development Pilot Program encourages the development of quality marketable Canadian features, fosters meaningful relationships between producers and distributors, creates administrative savings for Telefilm clients, and builds the industry’s capacity for growth and sustainability.

Telefilm is considering establishing another application date in 2008. Check regularly for more details.

March 10th, 2008

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